Bangladesh’s 200 year old “lost wax casting”

The owner of the Dhamrai Metal Crafts, Sukanta Banik, creates bronze sculptures in the art of ‘lost wax casting.’ The business has been in his family for 200 years. The pieces are first molded in wax, then encased in clay, then baked in the oven, after which metal is poured into the mold. One piece can take up to 10 months to make. The business is suffering because most of these items he creates can now be mass produced in plastic, and as a Hindu artist working in Islamic Bangladesh, the ‘depiction of all humans and animals are discouraged by the majority religion.’ Recently it took a year and a half to send an order overseas, when Bangladeshi customs held his work in hopes for a bribe. blog125 blog126 blog127 blog128 blog129 blog130Sukanta Banik poses with his mother, Tara Rani Banik, under portraits of their family, who also practiced their metal craft trade, at Dhamrai Metal Crafts.

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