Till death do us bark

Last week my editor forwarded me an email containing a cute blue invitation to a bridal shower and asked if I was interested in covering it. I immediately wrote back “YES!” because this wasn’t just any wedding shower, it was for Lucky Diamond, a Maltese dog.

I arrived at the Muse Hotel in Midtown for the big event. One table was set with bright blue cupcakes, teacups and finger sandwiches. There was another table set with 10 different kinds of teas for dogs, mini milk bones, and doggie cupcakes. Absorbent pads were placed around the room for the special guests to do their business. As waiters were serving champagne, the bride-to-be, decked out in a pink tulle dress and bonnet made of pink lace, pranced around the room with her canine guests……

Read the rest at the Reuters photo blog here

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